APPLICATIONS - Aquaculture


Prime Engineering  provides solutions for aquaculture through its products such as blowers, vacuum pumps, filters and UV disinfection systems.


Aeration of tanks is an important process at fisheries. The air is supplied by lobe blowers or side channel blowers.
Purification of recycled water is made with self-cleaning drum filters.
Water disinfection with UV systems ensures that the process water is bacteria-free.

Fish farms
The feeding of fish feed to aquaculture cages is achieved by pneumatic conveying, using lobe blowers, land based or in barges. Especially for barges, where there is little space available, special Robox Aqua models with ultra-small dimensions that fit the application are available.
Fish are transported with fish "pumps" using liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Fish processing
Evisceration, i.e.  removal of fish internals, cleaning of the fish is accomplished by using suction systems with liquid ring vacuum pumps.
Wastewater resulting from the fish processing has to be treated. The most important stage of the treatment is wastewater aeration  with lobe blowers or side channel blowers and membrane diffusers.


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