We offer a wide range of products, such as blowers, vacuum pumps and air compressors for a variety of applications in the plastics industry: pneumatic transport of granules, degassing of extruders, cooling and drying of the product, vacuum forming, compressed air and PET bottle production.

Pneumatic conveying of bulk materials

We provide lobe blowers for pneumatic transport of PVC or other plastic raw materials over long distances. Our screw blowers are used for the most demanding high pressure pneumatic transport or “dense phase” pneumatic transport lines. Local pneumatic transport within the plastic producing machine is usually handled by side-channel blowers.

Extruders for pipe production

Degassing of the material in the extruder is accomplished by liquid ring vacuum pumps. After the extruder, the hot pipes are immersed in a water bath, which helps the product cool down and stabilize its shape. To ensure a perfect circular shape, vacuum is applied inside the bath, in the space outside of the tubes, with additional liquid ring vacuum pumps.


Extruders for plastic profiles, frames, rolls & shutters, etc.

When producing any longitudinal plastic component through an extruder, it is necessary to degass the plastic mass with  liquid ring vacuum pumps. This is applied in the production of plastic profiles, frames, shutters, and even plastic straws.

Εxtruders for masterbatches

Liquid ring vacuum pumps are as well used to produce masterbatches in extruders, that is plastic raw material of various colors. The product is further used in other machines, e.g. injection type for the production of components, utensils, etc., as well as for production of film, tapes, bags, etc.


Rotary vane or claw-type oil free vacuum pumps are used for the production of plastic forms and packaging material for food or other products.

Expanded polysterene (EPS-Foaming)

One more typical application of liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Cooling and drying

In most drying processes, lobe or side-channel blowers and liquid ring vacuum pumps are employed.

Rubber degassing

Production units for rubber parts used in the automobile industry require liquid ring  or rotary vane vacuum pumps to evacuate the die casting moulds, to avoid air bubbles and to accelerate the rubber mass.

PET bottles

The blowing and production of PET bottles, used extensively in the food and beverage industry, is carried out with special high-pressure PET air compressors.

General purpose compressed air

We cover every need for compressed air with the required degree of purity and dryness and we provide solutions for compressed air networks. We study your needs and suggest the best solutions.



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