BRANDS - Elmo Rietschle

Elmo Rietschle

Made in Germany


The Elmo Rietschle brand was created in 2006 when market leaders Elmo and Rietschle joined forces under the roof of Gardner Denver. Both Elmo and Rietschle can look back on an impressive string of successes that have marked industry milestones for more than one hundred years.


As early as 1903 Elmo was granted the Imperial Patent for the world's first liquid ring vacuum pump.


Driven by the ingenious Werner Rietschle, who started his own company after World War II, Rietschle soon became a well-known supplier of fine vacuum pumps and compressors, earning itself the reputation of being highly customer-focused, flexible and innovative.


Today, Elmo Rietschle makes part of the Ingersoll Rand Group. 


There are now two major manufacturing sites in Germany that design and build an impressive range of technologies: radial fans, liquid ring pumps, side channel blowers and compressors, oil lubricated and dry running rotary vane pumps and compressors, rotary lobe pumps and compressors, claw pumps and compressors and screw vacuum pumps.


There are many reasons to choose Elmo Rietschle when looking for solutions to support your vacuum and pressure applications:


- The long history of product and application know-how

- Precise knowledge of industrial processes

- High-quality products 

- A global service network with on-site support

- Knowledgeable, personal consultation

- Unmatched range of vacuum and pressure technologies

- More than "just" a first-class product – Elmo Rietschle delivers peace of mind.


Head Office: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 971 8960 F +359 2 971 89 61

Service Center: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 931 0700 F +359 2 971 89 61