BRANDS - Koerting


Körting (Hannover, Germany) has established itself as a leading manufacturer of vacuum engineering products and environmental technology. The focus on engineering and key competencies in niche markets worldwide makes the company an important partner in the processing industry. In the ejector/vacuum technology, wastewater aeration ejector technology and waste gas cleaning/environmental technology segments, assignments are analysed and customised solutions drawn up and implemented.


The company was founded in  1871 in Hannover by Ernst and Berthold Körting, who designed and constructed the “injector”as a steam jet boiler feed pump, by applying the law of fluid dynamics. From 1885 onwards, jet gas- and Venturi scrubbers were developed and marketed.


Körting is constantly developing its products and services. With subsidiaries in Brazil, China, India and Malaysia, Körting is never far away from its international customers. Körting’s Hans Hennig GmbH subsidiary in Ratingen near Düsseldorf offers a full range of expertise on process heat/firing technology.


Head Office: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 971 8960 F +359 2 971 89 61

Service Center: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 931 0700 F +359 2 971 89 61