Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide to our trusted customers flexibility, cost and quality of equipment and services, that guarantee their maximum benefit and performance. Our commitment is  to be the partner, who makes the difficult job easy. This means, Performance made easy.

Our Vision

We aspire to be a part of a world that progresses by becoming more and more useful and important. We envision being on your side, constantly supporting your efforts and your projects, building a lasting relationship of trust with you.





Our Values


  • Proximity
    • We study your needs and offer services accordingly
  • Innovation
    • Be ahead of developments, be informed-up to date on the latest technologies on our equipment and services
  • Consistency
    • Be the responsible partner who offers services on holistic level –not only on an executive level
  • Ethos
    • Give life and to your business ventures , help our client create in a carefree way, without the burden of day-to-day responsibilities
  • Sincerity-Creativity
    • We envision the future togethe,we plan and estimate together your future potential needs
  • Reliability
    • Get solutions, bring results
  • Know-how-Technical knowledge & expertise
    • Profound knowledge, in depth engagement in each project


Our Approach

Our steady commitment is to provide excellent customer service by consistently supplying the right equipment and reliably assuming responsibility for its proper operation, so that our partners are able to devote themselves to their goals.

  • We have selected to represent and partner with world leading manufacturers
  • We have a deep knowledge of each application with the ability to provide state-of-the-art technologies and quality solutions
  • Our personnel is qualified and constantly trained by our partners
  • We study your needs with dedication to the technical solution
  • We assure technical support, prompt response and competitive prices
  • We keep a wide range of machines and spare parts available in stock and provide full service to our clients
  • We offer maintenance contracts with immediate response, quick arrival on site and 24/7 damage recovery
  • We invest in long-term cooperation



Head Office: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 971 8960 F +359 2 971 89 61

Service Center: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 931 0700 F +359 2 971 89 61