Prime Engineering, founded in Sofia in 2002, is one of the leading companies for the supply, installation and servicing of engineering equipment for the industry and environmental projects on the Bulgarian market.

Our portfolio includes some of the world's leading manufacturers and products such as blowers, vacuum pumps, air compressors, special pumps, filters for liquids and UV disinfection systems for industry. With our main product lines serving municipal or industrial water and waste water treatment projects, as well as solid waste treatment projects, we provide solutions for pre-treatment, aeration and final treatment of waste water, sanitation of the produced sludge and biogas handling.

Together with the company MICHOS SA, which has been the leader in the Greek market for the past 30 years, Prime Engineering counts more than 1,500 stable cooperations with prominent industrial customers and references in 2,500 environmental projects, with  specialisation in blowers and other equipment, in Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and SE Europe.

Thanks to our experience, our proven track record and our long reference list, we offer unique expertise and specialisation in compressed air production and distribution, in vacuum systems applications and in pneumatic transport of bulk materials using blowers. We also possess among others, deep knowledge and experience in design and implementation of wastewater aeration projects and in biogas cleaning and treatment and utilisation applications.



Head Office: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 971 8960 F +359 2 971 89 61

Service Center: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 931 0700 F +359 2 971 89 61