Infrastructure & Organisation

As result of the Covid-19 restrictions and the the rising need for mobility, Prime Engineering  already implemented since 2019 the SAP Business One CRM/ERP Platform for all activities, including customer relationship management(CRM), remote handling of all sales offers, sales orders and purchase orders, warehousing and logistics and related finance, accounting operations, reporting and analytics hosted on the Cloud. Service activities are followed up in mobile application and every service call is connected to the serial number of each machine and to the full service history. Sales activities are also followed up by stationary and mobile applications. 


The Team

Prime Engineering has a team of dedicated professionals covering sales, after market and service contracts sales, environmental projects consultancy, logistics and accounting. Service is as well provided for in-house repairs and on-site preventive maintenance on rotary machines and more specifically, blowers and vacuum pumps.  



Prime Engineering is situated at Iliyantsi Boulevard, Voena Rampa District in Sofia. The company premises include warehousing and service facilities. 



Our repair shop and service unit is equipped with a full range of lifting equipment,  sandblasting unit with compressed air,  washing arrangement for chemical cleaning of parts, grinding and mechanical cleaning tools and a full range of air driven tools.

For more special activities we have available a full range of tools for disassembly and assembly of blowers, special high pressure hydraulic tools for dismantling gears, hydraulic press for mounting bearings and special assembly tools built to manufacturers’ prescriptions, precision mounting tools (filler gauzes, calipers, micrometers) for measuring and setting tolerances.


For indoor and outdoor activities, we are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and instruments, as digital pressure, vacuum and temperature transmitters, vibrometer to check bearings condition, instruments to check belt tension and alignment, noise measurement instruments and instruments for monitoring electric motor performance.


Transportation Means

Outdoor activities are performed by company-owned vehicles.



For the efficient and fast support of its customers, Prime Engineering maintains an adequate stock of, vacuum pumps and accessories, ready for immediate delivery.

In house repair and on site service activities are as well supported by a stock of necessary spare parts and accessories.


Head Office: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 971 8960 F +359 2 971 89 61

Service Center: (Map) Iliyantsi Blvd No 119 1220 NPZ Voena Rampa, Sofia, Bulgaria T +359 2 931 0700 F +359 2 971 89 61