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Lobe blower units ROBOX LOBE series

Lobe blower units ROBOX LOBE series








Unparalleled reliability


ROBOX Lobe positive displacement industrial blowers are a very popular product widely used in the Bulgarian market, tested in the most adverse operating conditions. The ROBOX Lobe blower assembly is the ideal solution for wastewater aeration and pneumatic transport. The ROBOX Lobe range is made up of 24 individual models with integrated RBS air-ends and is properly sized by our experts to deliver optimum performance depending on your application.


  • Pressure up to 1,000 mbar (g)
  • Vacuum up to 350 mbar (a) 
  • Flowrate up to 10,500 m³/h
















Smart and compact design

The ROBOX LOBE blower assembly is a self-contained system, designed to deliver gases at low pressure. It is based on the RBS-type volumetric rotary blower, which is powered by a high-energy IE3 electric motor through transmission belts and includes all the necessary accessories and soundproof cabin to guarantee its smooth and quiet operation.

The ROBOX Lobe blower assembly stands out because of its extremely compact design and extreme durability of construction materials. Robox Lobe blower assemblies can be mounted side-by-side, greatly reducing the space required and the overall installation cost. All maintenance work is easily done from the front by removing the front panels or by lifting the top panel.






Absolute safety and security

The "heart" of the machine is the positive displacement air-end of the RBS type with three lobe rotors which in combination with the patented "low pulse" system reduce the residual pulses of the conveyed gas to less than 2% of operating pressure. Thanks to new engineering technologies, the ROBOX LOBE unit is equipped with a redesigned soundproof cabin for improved sound damping and can incorporate electronic SENTINEL control systems designed and delivered by Robuschi, for continuous monitoring of all critical operating parameters.






Class 0 certification according to ISO 8573-1

Isolation of the compression chamber from the oil sumps is done by means of special sealing with labyrinths and oil breathing arrangements, without wearing parts. The compressor is Class 0 certified and complies with ISO 8573-1 for absence of lubricating oil in the discharged air.

Significant benefits in the installation


Industries operating ROBOX LOBE complexes save costs by: 


  • Energy savings due to the high efficiency of the blower and motor, combined with the use of a frequency converter (VFD).
  • The use of improved toothed belts that increase wear resistance. 
  • Quick maintenance due to easy access to the inside of the machine.
  • Reduced requirements of the total mounting area.
  • Excellent quality of technical support services by the authorized PRIME ENGINEERING workshop.






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