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Wastewater open channel UV systems UV3000Plus series

Wastewater open channel UV systems UV3000Plus series



TrojanUV3000Plus - UV for Medium and Large Plants

Designed for medium to large wastewater treatment plants and features the patented ActiClean Cleaning System, an automatic chemical/mechanical wiping system.

UV is the most effective, safe and environmentally friendly way to disinfect wastewater. It provides broad-spectrum protection against a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant protozoa (such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia).

Proven Industry Leader and the Standard in UV

The TrojanUV3000Plus™ is one of the reasons why UV treatment is now a standard technology in wastewater treatment. This highly flexible system has demonstrated its effective, reliable performance around the world. The system is well-suited to wastewater disinfection with varying flow rates and influents, such as combined sewer overflows, primary and tertiary wastewater reclamation and reuse.









*System capacity is calculated based on requested dose and transmittance (UVT).

The listed provision is for systems with one bank within one channel. Proper system design with multiple banks in series within a common channel, or in parallel channels, can cover overmultiple supply.

General features of the TrojanUV3000Plus™ system:


General features of the TrojanUV3000Plus™ system:

Capacity: up to 10,000m³/h (and more with multiple banks)

Lamp type: low pressure, high efficiency amalgam (monochromatic)

Ballast type: electronic, high efficiency, adjustable intensity (60% to 100% adjustment)

Lamp life time guarantee: 12,000 hours

Lamp power: 250W                                                                                                                                      

Lamp placement: horizontal, parallel to the flow

Array configuration: 4,6 or 8 lamps per array

System configuration: one or more banks in series on one or more channels

Level regulation: automatic level controller (ALC), fixed weir or motorized weir gate

Level sensor: one low level electrode per channel

Cooling method of power supplies: heat dissipation from circulating fluid, no cooling or air supply required

Installation: indoors or outdoors

Sleeve cleaning: ActiClean™ cleaning system, automatic chemical-mechanical cleaning

ActiClean™ cleaning fluid: non-corrosive, easy to apply, food-grade

Control units:


Central Control System (SCC)

Distribution Center (PDC)

Hydraulic system (for the ActiClean™ cleaning system) (HSC)

The aforementioned systems control and record the automatic operation of the system as a whole.


The automatic level controller (ALC) keeps the liquid level in the channel at the desired level, and the level sensor protects the lamps from operating in ambient air (instead of submerged in water), where they can overheat and burn out.

Certification based on biodosimetry tests (bioassay)

The TrojanUV3000Plus™ system has been fully qualified through actual bioassay testing under a wide range of operating conditions. Field bioassay tests contribute to the improvement and strengthening of public health and environmental safety by certifying the application of the actually administered dose, not the dose based on theoretical calculations.

Amalgam lamps of advanced high efficiency technology

Stable performance with 100% to 98% efficiency at the end of lamp life

Long lamp life of 12,000 hours

Reduced energy consumption with a smaller number of lamps compared to other systems

Adjustable lamp power 60% to 100% for further energy savings

Lamp power supplies placed directly in the lamp array – no need for additional electrical panels and air conditioning systems

Automatic system of chemical and mechanical cleaning of ActiClean lamps for stable efficiency over 95% with hydraulic drive system

Suitable for installation entirely outdoors

Unique automatic mechanical ALC water level control system with high precision counterweights without the need for electromechanical components.


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