PRODUCTS - Vacuum pumps

At Prime Engineering you will find vacuum pumps, of the most modern technology, depending on the needs of each application, such as dehumidification, distillation, shaping, packaging, containment, vacuum drains, etc., which guarantee high quality performance and lifetime.


For example, we offer liquid ring vacuum pumps, oil-lubricated vanes, oil-free vanes, oil-free screw vacuum pumps, oil-free claw type vacuum pumps, oil-free air-injected lobed vacuum pumps, high-performance booster lobed vacuum pumps vacuum pumps, jet-type vacuum pumps, multi-stage high-vacuum and/or high-flow systems, etc.


It should be noted that all the offered blowers also operate as suction under vacuum with a relative limitation of the maximum vacuum potential to avoid overheating.


Contact a qualified engineer in our Sales department today and ask for our proposal, whether it concerns vacuum pumps for a new application, or to improve or increase the performance of your existing system.

Where are vacuum pumps mainly used and what are the advantages of the technologies offered?

Vacuum pumps have a wide application, as they are used in all production processes. 


There are countless different applications of vacuum pumps, including:


√ Distillations, dehydrations, vacuum evaporations, sterilization furnaces

√ Degassing, vacuum casting, thermoforming

√ Fillers, closures, vacuum packaging

√ Vacuum sewage disposal

√ Central vacuum systems

√ Vacuum cleaners, water lifting, material retention, and a multitude of other applications.



Why should I choose Prime Engineering?


At Prime Engineering, due to our over 20 years in the field of industry and the environment, we have the know-how, the experience and the people to guarantee the high performance and longevity of your every investment, with technical energy-saving solutions , as we also have a wide range of spare parts in our warehouses and a specialized crew of technicians at your disposal 24/7, so that you are always covered and at peace.


How can I contact Prime Engineering to buy a vacuum pump?


The Prime Engineering team is at your disposal to serve with technical solutions adapted to your needs. Contact today at tel. +359 2 971 8960 or send us an email at and one of our engineers will contact you shortly.


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