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Rotary vane vacuum pumps PVL-EU series

Rotary vane vacuum pumps PVL-EU series





State of the art vacuum technology

PVR vacuum pumps are oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum with an oil recirculation system. They offer high performance and quality levels. They are characterized by fast pumping speed in absolute vacuum between 850 and 0.1 mbar (a), low noise level, no pollution, durable construction and easy maintenance. They are used for pumping air in continuous industrial use,  also in presence of water vapor.

  • Vacuum up to 99.99%, 0.1mbar(a)
  • Flowrate up to 1000 m³/h








Rotary vane pump operating principle

The operating principle is demonstrated in the drawing below. The pump has three vanes, sliding in a rotating eccentric rotor and thus forming air tight partitions, that transport and compress the pumped gas to the atmosphere at the pump discharge. 
pvr principle















At the pump inlet there is a built-in mesh filter that protects the pump from solid particles. Built-in non-return valve prevents reverse flow of air and oil to the vacuum chamber during shutdown. They are connected to a flanged electric motor and cooled by a fan with a guided air current. The oil is cooled in a separate oil cooler and filtered in an oil filter.

The oil tank, which is integrated into the pump body, has a system for separating the oil vapors from the discharge air (maximum permissible residue 2ppm by weight, corresponding to 2.4mg / m³). Separated oil whose level is monitored by appropriate indicators is automatically recovered from the pump.

pvr oil














In case of water vapor suction, a suitable gas-ballast valve injects air to a specific point in the compression phase and differentiates the saturation pressure of the air vapor mixture, thereby preventing condensation inside the pump without affecting its operation.










Single stage monobloc vacuum pumps EM Series

The EM series, with flowrate up to 40m3/h,  is formed by lubricated vane vacuum pumps extremely compact and light thanks to their monobloc design. They are easy to install and service. The use of the gas ballast valve allows to get rid of vapor's (starting from the 8 m3/h pump). The EM series are vacuum tight units thanks to the presence of the non-return valve.

  • Vacuum up to 2 mbar(a)
  • Flowrate up to 51 m³/h










Two-stage oil sealed high vacuum rotary vane vacuum pumps

PHV-K series allow to achieve higher vacuum and capacities, easy installation, operation and maintenance. The pumps have been designed for all types of applications such as laboratories, semi-conductor industries, measurement instruments, light bulbs, fluorescent lights, distillation, refrigeration, freeze drying, mass spectrometry, as backing pumps in pumping systems, leak detectors, etc.

   - Vacuum up to 7 x 10-4mbar(a)

   - Flowrate up to 90 m³/h


•       High performance and quality levels 

•       High pumping speed in a range of absolute vacuum 0,5 mbar to 850 mbar 

•       Low noise level

•       No pollution

•       Air-cooled

•       Rugged construction

•       Easy to service

•       Can be used for pumping air also in presence of water vapor and for continuous industrial use


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