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Oil sealed liquid ring vacuum systems Gieffe OCS series

Oil sealed liquid ring vacuum systems Gieffe OCS series





OCS Oil Sealed Vacuum Unit

Oil sealed vacuum unit consisting of a liquid ring pump with closed recirculation of oil through air/oil heat exchanger, fitted with electric cabinet.

  • Vacuum up to 15 mbar(a)
  • Flowrate up to 800 m³/h












High performance

The physical properties of the sealing oils mean that they do not degrade even at high operating temperatures This considerablly increases the performances of a liquid ring pump compared to a pump operating with water.
High and Constant Vacuum

The vapor pressure which is considerably lower than that of  water at 15°C and the perfect sealing of the liquid ring allow a high and constant vacuum, even at high gas temperatures.
No Need of Service Water

Thanks to the recirculation of oil in the pump and the use of a very low power air/oil exchanger the consumption of water can be totally eliminated. This means great savings in operating costs.
No Maintenance

The circulation oil continually lubricates the internal parts of the pump without leaving deposits of any kind. This protects the pump components from wear and prolongs their operating life. The service and maintenance intervals are long, keeping life cycle costs low.
Removing Gas Saturated with Vapor

The exclusive built-in systems for separating the extracted condensate from the service oil enables the removal of high percentage of vapor-saturated gas. The clean condensate is then discharged.
Low Noise Levels

Noise levels are much lower than demanded by law.

  • Special horizontal separator mounted directly on the pump, with inspection port and accessories
  • Accumulation tank with built-in trap, inspection port, level indicator, discharge valve and vent valve
  • Special electric frame with overload relays for the auxiliary motor
  • Main electric starter as per IEC EN60439-1 standards, completely cabled and supported
  • Discharge gas scrubber with oil recovery - certificate of compliance included


They are typically used for:

  • Bricks
  • Ceramics
  • Pastamaking
  • Degassing processes
  • Extruders
  • Tanning
  • Vacuum dryers



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