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Multistage vacuum systems Gieffe series

Multistage vacuum systems Gieffe series

Customised single & multi-stage
dry or wet type vacuum pump systems

Tailor designed vacuum systems, incorporating a wide range of appropriate vacuum technologies (dry screw, high vacuum lobe, ejector technology, rotary vane, liquid ring) to comply with the stringest specifications and performance requirements thanks to decades of experience on all possible applications.

  • Vacuum up to 0.001 mbar (a)
  • Flowrate up to 50000 m³ / h

Single & multi-stage dry screw pump systems

Customised single or multi-stage vacuum units from Gieffe Systems are fitted with high-performance dry screw vacuum pumps and PD (positive displacement) blowers in a series of different combinations, achieving high energy savings. ATEX certification available.

  • Capacity up to 50,000 m³/h
  • Vacuum up to 10-3 mbar(a)





Liquid ring “wet” type vacuum units

Single or multi-stage vacuum systems with liquid ring vacuum pumps, air or steam ejectors and PD (positive displacement) blowers, arranged in different configurations according to customer specifications. ATEX Certification available.

  • Capacity up to 6,000 m³/h
  • Vacuum up to 5 mbar(a)

gieffe wet

A wide range of applications and references 

  • Vegetable oil refining - Replacement of steam ejectors 
  • Filling and closing machines
  • Fruit juice plants
  • Pharma and chemical industry 
  • Production of antibiotics 
  • Plastic extrusion - Extruder degassing
  • Elastomeric-thermoplastic compound production 
  • Polyethylene compound production 
  • Drying power transformer 
  • Thin layer evaporation - Vapor recovery
  • Impregnation – Degassing - Drying


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