Upgrade of networks / Energy saving

Upgrade of networks / Energy saving

In PRIME ENGINEERING we have the experience, the know-how and the people who guarantee the high performance and longevity of any of your investment

Compressed air and wastewater aeration  networks for example are very well known as sources of high energy consumption in the industrial process they belong to.

Our involvement in air compressors, compressed air networks, blowers of different energy efficiency level and our deep knowledge in aeration membrane diffusers’ performance, allows us to be in the position to propose to you several ways to drastically reduce your energy bill and maintain a highly efficient compressor or aeration system. 


Upgrade of compressed air distribution networks


  • Upgrade of compressor rooms, optimize ventilation and heat recovery, install compressed air dryers, optimize air receiver size.
  • Installation of heat recovery system designed to utilize waste compressor heat from the oil cooling circuit. Heat exchangers are delivered as compact units prepared for installation with minimum space requirements. Heat recovery systems contribute to high energy savings.
  • Design and realization of compressed air distribution networks in compliance with the customer’s requirements and high efficiency criteria. To avoid high energy bills, low productivity and poor air tool performance. The network design must ensure a low pressure drop between the compressor and point of consumption, a minimum of leakage from the distribution piping and efficient condensate separation if air dryers are not foreseen.
Air audits can be performed, to meet the following targets:
  • Air demand and supply - Make sure you have the right compressors to meet your demand efficiently
  • Plug the leaks - Air leaks are a costly waste of energy and money
  • Avoid over pressurisation - More pressure means more energy and increased risk of leaks, consider your requirements. Lowering system pressure may solve a lot of problems
  • Bad Piping - Old piping, incorrect sizing, too many bends and tees reduces the efficiency of your compressed air system
  • Maintain your Compressor System - Change Air/oil filters, separators and lubricants at the optimum time, not when they clog up and cause a pressure loss or damage to your compressor system


Upgrade of wastewater aeration systems

Treating wastewater requires a lot of energy. The main energy consumer at water purification plants is the aeration system, causing some 70% of the total energy bill.

  • High energy consumption is caused by several reasons:
  • Fouled and blocked diffusers that have exhausted their lifetime
  • Poorly designed air distribution network leading to high pressure drop and energy loss
  • Most important of all, poorly dimensioned diffuser layout, with low efficiency diffusers installed at small numbers, too low density and too high airflow.

By selecting our highly efficient Oxyflex plate diffusers at an appropriate dense layout and by designing a low pressure loss distribution network we can help you save between 20 and 50% of your aeration energy costs!

Your investment pays for itself after just one to two years.

Investing in greater aeration efficiency always makes sense, and the Supratec OXYFLEX® MF 1100 system can be installed in any wastewater treatment plant.

Moreover energy cost can be reduced by a further 20-40% by using new generation of energy efficient blowers in combination with smart control systems adapting the operation to the actual oxygen needs.


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